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February 10th, 2013


So I know a lot of you celebrated New Years on that boring January 1 date...and I know some celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Snake...but my new Year and new chapter should be starting on Monday February 11, 2013!!!!! I have some fun surprises that should be overtaking my life in the next few months! I am pretty excited to get the next few days over with and get n with it! Lots of exclamation points, but it is that type of period in my life.

Last May during agility camp I somehow really did a number on my knee. Of course it was too messed up for any easy fixes :-(.....sigh... The other problem has been that because I have a screw in my knee from a prior surgery...most of the specialists won't touch my knee, so I had to go to a reconstruction specialist...and he is way more conservative about what I can do after surgery...but I will be showing him! Lol!

I've been gimping along and trying to move through the kaiser system, first with rest and ice, then injections, then more injections I to the knee and finally it was proclaimed that even though they usually don't do total knee replacements this young...they would because I could barely walk much less run or even walk in the park with my doggies!

After what feels like forever, after jumping through hoops, trying everything else, hundreds of blood tests, lots of appointments, it seems like months of getting ready SURGERY IS BRIGHT AND EARLY IN THE MORNING!

I'm a little, or maybe very nervous, but I just keep remembering what I want to do and how much I miss playing with my dogs and moving around- it has been way too long. I have no idea really what this will be like, but hopefully I will be reporting back on Wednesday ;-).

My brother was laughing that I post my dogs hip X-rays on line but I have no pictures of my own X-rays, so I have a mission to get a before X-ray to post, hahaha. I might have to wait for the follow up appointment and maybe I can get a before and after.

Any good thoughts and well wishes would be appreciated sometime Round 10 am tomorrow if anyone things of it then....or maybe the next morning is when I will REALLY need those when I get up the first time!

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